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VITA Smith volunteers treat their clients’ documents as if it were their own. For the upcoming 2019 tax season, beginning February 2020, we develop and maintain a new website that is running in our own private server to ensure the security of clients’ personal information from start to finish

Our website uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store clients’ uploaded documents to keep them safe. Any documents that are downloaded onto a computer are securely erased using high quality, open source software.

We only use clients’ information for tax return preparation purpose and won’t share it to anyone else without clients’ consent. We only keep clients’ information on file until the end of the next spring semester, then we will take secure and safe procedures to delete the information at the set date. In addition, we will be using fully upgraded communication systems -- iMessage, WhatsApp and secured emails to communicate with clients.

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Expert Team

All our volunteers are students from Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Our volunteers are certified by the IRS in preparing returns and have training offered by program director Professor Samuel Handwerger, TerpTax and MSLC

Besides, all our tax return services are free, and our clients have no need to pay in whatever method. If someone utilize VITA Smith as a platform to boost his or her own business, such as selling insurance, and even you feel uncomfortable because of our volunteers, please let us know and we appreciate your cooperation. All of us will always be committed to helping you with your tax returns!

Our number one priority, even above client satisfaction, is to stay in compliance with the law. As such, we do not tolerate discrimination based on sex, race, color, national origin, reprisal, disability, or age. If you believe that we have violated our core principal, please contact eeo.external.civil.rights@IRS.Gov.

It is an external email that the IRS monitors and we will not be able to view. In addition to not tolerating discrimination, we also hope to serve you with the highest moral and ethical character. If you believe that there is unethical behavior occurring, please report it to the IRS at wi.voltax@IRS.Gov.